Greater Reno Stamp & Cover Show

History Greater Reno Stamp & Cover Show

Exhibitors present themed and historical compositions illustrated with postal history of the world. Exhibits are critiqued for story, originality, scarcity/rarity of material, and presentation. Professional philatelists will be buying and selling rare postage stamps, appraising collections, and offering advice for beginning to advanced collectors on collecting opportunities and ways to build, display, and preserve a collection. Join millions of collectors world-wide exploring the Hobby of Kings.

Event Details

Phone: 232.4760
Admission: Free

National Bowling Stadium
300 N. Center St.
Reno, NV 89501
P: 334.2600

Event Schedule

July 28 10am - 6pm
July 29 10am - 4pm
Gate/Door Time: 10am


City of Reno