Artist Reception - Landscapes of the Nevada Desert

Visual Artist Reception - Landscapes of the Nevada Desert

Multi-award winning artist, designer, inventor, Carol Foldvary-Anderson is exhibiting what a Smudge can do, in her strikingly, original and innovative technique working in oil pastels. Landscapes reminiscent of the Nevada Desert is the title of her show. I have always studied art mediums, imagery and technique, looking closely at how an art piece is produced. My immediate focus was in presenting an image of a landscape in a simple, elegant, and clean style. I believe I made it work!

Event Details

Phone: 721.5338
Admission: Free

McKinley Arts and Culture Center
925 Riverside Dr.
Reno, NV 89503
P: 334.2417

Event Schedule

July 5 5pm - 7pm
Gate/Door Time: 5pm


City of Reno