The Historic Post Office Presents Art in the Basement

Visual The Historic Post Office Presents Art in the Basement

The Historical United Staes Post Office located at 50 S Virginia Blvd in Downtown Reno is one of Reno’s premier historical structures. This magnificent building houses many retail options to create a special shopping encounter. The architecture is some of the best and most celebrated in all of Reno, and sets itself aside to be a classy addition to tour for Art Town 2018 The Post Office for the first time has partnered with local artist for Art Town 2018, which makes this years Art Town a phenomenal year to roll out the Red Carpet. Not only to show off the incredible building, but to house some art from some incredible local artists. The walls are blank and are the perfect backdrop for the mediums that are scheduled; four artists have works of masterpieces to hang their work. These walls line the Basement and have created a very unique space to be view, while also showing off the beauty of the Historic Post Office. Please come visit us; If for no other reason then to enjoy the shops or take in some incredible art; all from local artists. This may be your first time into the Historic Post Office, but I guarantee it wont be your last.

Event Details

Phone: 771.0334
Admission: Free

The Historic Post Office
50 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89501
P: 507.6402

Event Schedule

July 1 - July 31 11am - 7pm
Gate/Door Time: 11am


City of Reno