Estee's Dessert Table

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Didn't your mother always tell you not to play with your food! We are throwing that rule out the window for Estee's Dessert Table where we give you the canvas (your table) and a variety of delicious desserts and toppings to create a masterpiece of your own. When your 'Pig'casso is complete take a picture and share it with the world with #renoisartown and #dessertable. Last but not least when you're done it's time to try your tasty work of art!

Event Details

Phone: 336.1091
Admission: Free

Liberty Food and Wine Exchange
100 N. Sierra St.
Reno, NV 89501
P: 336.1091

Event Schedule

July 1 - July 31 11am - 9pm
Gate/Door Time: 1pm


City of Reno