Legend of 1000 Combat Paper Cranes

Visual Legend of 1000 Combat Paper Cranes

Derived from the Japanese legend of the origami cranes which says that whosoever folds 1000 cranes will experience good fortune and answer to prayer, this workshop explores a tactile experience and enlightening dialogue, culminating in artwork that honors our local veterans and their community through the creation and placement of cranes, folded of paper made from decommissioned military uniforms. Learn to make paper and fold origami cranes while participating in the making of public art.

Event Details

Phone: 313.2607
Admission: Donation Donations are greatly appreciated!

Victorian Square At The Plaza
1250 Victorian Avenue
Sparks, NV 89431
P: 353.1111

Event Schedule

July 2 2pm - 6pm
Gate/Door Time: 2pm


City of Reno