Painting with Powders

Visual Painting with Powders

We'll use glass powders mixed in a special potion and paint directly on the surface of the glass. Your art can then be embellished with pieces of course frit, cabochons, stringers and other accessory glass. This introductory class will utilize clear and white glass which will really accentuate the colors you choose to use. Your choice of projects: an appetizer plate or a black iron frame trivet for which you design and create a 4 hand painted tile. Pickup date will be announced in class.

Event Details

Phone: 303.7176
Admission: Ticketed $75

Fused Finery
1 Booth St.
Reno, NV 89509
P: 409.3943

Event Schedule

July 18 6pm - 9pm
July 29 1pm - 4pm
Gate/Door Time: 1pm


City of Reno