Artown’s main need for volunteers is at events in Wingfield Park and Hawkins Amphitheater during July. We also need volunteers in the office and at other venues throughout the festival as well.

Please contact our office at 775-322-1538 for more information.



What positions are available in Wingfield Park:

For each event we need:

  • Volunteer Managers
  • Event Managers
  • Merchandise Managers
  • Stage Coordinator
  • Runner
  • Ushers
  • Greeters
  • Information Booth/ Merchandise Sales
  • Survey Takers
  • Set-up/ Tear-down crew

What positions are available at Hawkins Amphitheater:

For each event we need:

  • Volunteer Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Merchandise Manager
  • Ushers
  • Greeters
  • Information Booth/Merchandise Sales
  • Front of park customer service
  • Survey Takers

All Volunteers

Volunteers will be provided with an Artown Vest and a Photo I.D. Badge to wear while volunteering for Artown. Please remove your badge and vest when you have finished your shift. Please remember that you are representing Artown when you are acting as a volunteer. Have fun, smile and make everyone feel welcome. Treat the guests like family.

Responsibilities of all Volunteers:

  • First and foremost – Volunteers are the face of Artown. All volunteers are responsible for being polite, friendly and providing optimal customer service to all patrons.
  • Please check in with the Artown Staff person and Volunteer Manager upon your arrival.
  • Be sure to sign-in and check your hours.
  • If you know you will not be able to cover your assignment, please let your Volunteer Manager know at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please arrive on time for your assignment.
  • Inform Artown Staff of any issues that arise.
  • Please remember that we are providing customer service in the park. Be polite. Be helpful. Refer any potential conflicts, upset patrons, or other issues to Artown Staff. Never argue with a patron.
  • Be prepared to direct patrons to the services in the park or other venue.
  • Never leave your station un-manned. Please inform Volunteer Manager if you need to leave your post for any reason, and they will arrange for your relief.

Duties of Each Volunteer Position:

Below are general descriptions of each volunteer position to help you decide what positions you would like to do. More specific details will be provided with a thorough job description which you will receive after you are assigned to your volunteer position.

Volunteer Managers

5 volunteers will act as Volunteer Managers. Volunteer Managers will be at each event in Wingfield Park and Bartley Ranch and serve as an assistant to Artown Staff in organizing volunteers. Each Volunteer Manager will be responsible for a specific series Monday (Family Series) (Music Series),Wednesday (World Music) Thursday (Dancing in the Park), Friday (Rollin’ on the River, and (Movies in the Park)  Volunteer Managers will help schedule volunteers, make reminder calls, check volunteers in on site, train volunteers, and have on-going communication with volunteers.  They will serve as the point person for volunteer questions and customer service with the public.

Event Manager

The Event Manager will work directly with the volunteers to help them set-up the event, making sure that all tents and stanchions and signs are set up safely and on time. They also breakdown after the event and neatly store items for the next event. Event Manager will assist vendors with parking and moving safely in and out of the park. The Event Manager will oversee the seating areas as well as train and supervise ushers.

Merchandise Managers

Oversee the merchandise and information booth and staff. Responsible for counting and keeping track of the inventory as well as the money from the sales. Train and oversee volunteers working at the booth. Help make the display and sale of the merchandise run smoothly.

Stage Coordinator

Assisting the Artists with their needs, making sure all stage events occur on time. The Stage Coordinator will work with technicians, crew, artists, and venue to ensure the stage show runs smoothly and on schedule.


Obtaining items needed by the Stage Coordinator, Volunteer Manager, or Marketing Manager. May require picking up items to be delivered to the venue/park or running out during the event for items.


Aid patrons in finding a preferable spot for seating.

Maintain the chair height rules at each venue.

Seaters in Wingfield Park will be responsible for helping with the clearing of the seating bowl for set-up.


Greeters will be stationed at the entrances where patrons come into the venue. At Wingfield Park – this will be at the main entrances of the park.     At Hawkins Amphitheater – this will be at the entrance gates to the amphitheater.

Greet patrons as they arrive.

Maintain park rules.

Direct patrons to facilities.

Hand out programs.

Merchandise & Information Booth:

An information booth will be located near the entrance of each park. Volunteers who man the information booth will be responsible for:

 Providing information regarding the event and location of facilities in the park.

Handing out Little Books. Providing general information about Artown and where more information can be found.

Providing information about Artown merchandise and where to find it.

Providing general information about food services at the park. Be responsible for T-shirt counts prior and following the performance and sales transactions.

One volunteer will do merchandise and money count with staff prior to event, and a volunteer will do merchandise and money count with staff following the event.

Survey Takers

Survey Takers are responsible for circulating among the crowd and asking patrons to fill out a confidential one page survey.

These surveys are then returned to the Information Booth prior to the beginning of the performance. Artown staff will provide the survey takers with surveys, clip boards and pins at the time of check-in.

Each Survey Taker should attempt to get 15 surveys each evening. It is important to approach as many people as you can and to approach a variety of people.

The survey is one sheet, front and back and completely confidential.

Front of Park Customer Service

A Hawkins Amphitheater, a volunteer person is needed to be at the front gate with Park Staff to help direct people into the park and to be available to inform patrons regarding the status of tickets (Available or Sold Out). The volunteer need only act as a Greeter and an Information Source. Should any conflicts arise, the volunteer will call Artown Staff to address the issue.

Wingfield Park Rules:

No Outside Alcohol

No Glass

No Pets

No Riding Bicycles or Skateboards

It is not your duty as a volunteer to enforce the rules, rather to remind the patrons of the rules. Security will do the enforcing.  This keeps you safe and keeps Artown out of the Security business.



Wingfield Park

Located on the Truckee River at First Street and Arlington Avenue.

Robert Z. Hawkins Amphitheater

Located at Bartley Ranch at 6000 Bartley Ranch Road.


If you are interested in learning more, please contact:

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