Other Public Displays of Expression

D.Y.K. Public displays of original, purely expressive art are exempt from business license & permit requirements under Reno Muni Code 5.14. Learn about your 1st Amendment right to use parks, sidewalks & plazas to display your paintings, perform music, or conduct other protected activities & to receive money as part of the protected expression, w/o a business license, vendor permit, or other unnecessary restrictions. Know Your Rights | Review RMC 5.14| Best Prac.| Q&A| Network w/ Artists

Event Details

Phone: 513.259.7587
Admission: Free

The Jungle
246 W. First St.
Reno, NV 89501
P: 329.4484

Event Schedule

July 8 10am - 11am
July 15 10am - 11am
July 22 10am - 11am


City of Reno