Theater Ageless Repertory Theatre Presents: The Matchmaker

A hilarious farce of a rich old merchant who hires a matchmaker to find him a wife, but she has her own plans by becoming involved with his menial clerks, an assortment of lovely ladies and the headwaiter of an expensive restaurant. Through misadventures, everyone's love life works out, except for the old merchant's, who then becomes intrigued with the matchmaker herself. Fooled by apprentices through very funny hide-n-seek scenes, the merchant at last has all his bluster explode in his face.

Event Details

Phone: 348.6625
Admission: Free

Reno Little Theater
147 E. Pueblo St.
Reno, NV 89502
P: 329.0661

Event Schedule

July 25 1pm - 3pm
July 26 7pm - 9pm
July 28 1pm - 3pm

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